The Wellness Center

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A Few Words About Us

Your Wellness Is Our Mission.

At the Wellness Center of Northeast PA we focus on the overall wellness of our clients.

What we can Offer

We WILL help you solve your problems

One of the most important things that we do at The Wellness Center is specialize in treating opiod dependence. Dr. Albert is a certified suboxone physician who believes in treating every patient with dignity and respect.

Additionally, men and women can both benefit from the services that the Wellness Center provides.

On the male side – we offer testosterone replacement therapy for those men whose lab values and symptoms warrant closely supervised therapy.

On the female side  – we offer botox and fillers to augment a woman’s natural beauty, along with other procedures such as the medi-pen which helps revive facial beauty.

Lastly, The Wellness Center has a wide array of CBD products under the brand of CBD Intact, which when used properly, can often significantly improve ones’ wellness by decreasing pain and anxiety. 

Talk to Dr. Albert or one of our CBD consultants to find the right starting dose for your particular situation.

And don’t forget about your furry friends, as The Wellness Center also specializes in CBD products for older pets.

OUR Team

Our team consists of a physician, a pharmacist, and a number of knowledgeable consultants all dedicated to the mission of improving your wellness.

Mark Albert, MD


Samuel Sebastianelli, PharmD